Michele Spordone

Personal Information

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Michele has been working as a paralegal in the legal field for over 30 years. She has worked as a matrimonial paralegal since the beginning of her career and has a thorough understanding of every aspect of matrimonial and family law. She is detailed and leaves no stone unturned. Michele is a stickler for detail which is extremely important in complex financial matters. Michele has been an asset. She is a support both emotionally and professionally to all of our clients. Clients’ reviews of Michele have been stellar and complimentary always. She has been an active trial assistant for complex litigation matters in both Supreme and Family Court.

Michele was the confidential secretary to Orange County Family Justice for three years covering all aspects of family law and support the Justice.

Michele has a passion for real estate and numbers. She has also been working as a paralegal and closer for real estate matters throughout her career. She has personally closed several hundred cases and helped to negotiate deals and closings. She is conscientious and thorough and a true asset to our team and clients.