It’s your future, hire the right person to protect it.

One of the most difficult decisions in life can be whether or not to divorce. The next is which lawyer you hire to represent you. And finally, what process you choose to get a divorce.

Lawyers can either help you resolve issues amicably and respectfully or they can fuel the fire and start a war. Divorce doesn’t have to end with a scorched earth and two people who once loved each other no longer speaking after spending a fortune on lawyers. Divorce can and should be a respectful dissolution to your marriage with an equitable division of your assets.

Most divorces can be resolved with thoughtful meetings, voluntary exchange of documents and proposals which take into consideration the needs and wants of both parties under the guidance of our laws. However, when individuals are so angry that they can’t control themselves and their lawyer promotes the anger, divorce can become a long, arduous and expensive journey in Court.

It is our practice to try and resolve most matters before going to Court, if possible. When applicable, we reach out to the other spouse and attempt to begin the process to resolve each matter amicably. We exchange financial information and set up conferences between clients and attorneys to discuss issues and resolutions. This approach allows the client to customize their own divorce and custody arrangements. Resolving your matter outside of Court gives you control of the decisions and direction of your case. It also allows you to proceed at your own pace. Unfortunately, this is not the approach of many matrimonial attorneys and choosing the right one to help achieve your goals and follow your direction is crucial.

If an amicable approach is not possible or there are circumstances which warrant an immediate Court intervention we are prepared to do so and have successfully litigated several hundred cases. Our reputation does proceed us in this area.


Sometimes there is no option but to proceed to Court, however, very few matrimonial or custody matters result in actual trials. Court is certainly more expensive than an amicable, negotiated settlement. However, due to the unique circumstances of each case and personalities of the parties or attorneys the assistance of the Court may be necessary and at times litigation is the only way to resolution.

Court is usually necessary when a party refuses to turn over documents, disclose financial information or is so angry and bitter they can’t negotiate in good faith. Court is always necessary when a party has hidden assets or is dishonest as to their assets. A thorough, detailed attorney is needed to parse through financial records, subpoena the correct documents and most important ask the right questions.

Often times people receive “advice” from friends who have been through a divorce or their attorney has given them poor advice as to what they are “entitled” to receive. In these situations, it is best to proceed to Court so that you don’t waste precious time spinning your wheels when someone is unrealistic or wants everything.

Prior to entering Court or any litigation you should have a strategy and game plan for proceeding forward. This starts at the initial consultation. Experience and knowledge of the Court system and the various proclivities of the Judge’s is a must for a positive outcome. We practice only in counties in which our attorneys have long relationships and whose reputations are known by the Judges. Our attorneys reside in Dutchess County and Orange county which are the areas we primarily practice so we work often with local attorneys and Judges and know how to get matters done.

In Court a Judge will order both parties to disclose financial information, sign authorizations for records and cooperate in financial discovery. The Court will hold follow up conferences to make sure both sides are cooperating and complying with discovery orders. Once discovery and depositions are completed many Judges are willing to sit with the attorneys and sometimes the parties to assist in resolution prior to proceeding to an expensive trial. If resolution is not possible a trial is held. We have enormous litigation experience and can handle any complex matter. Financially complex cases are our specialty.

As litigator for over 29 years Alysia has successfully tried well over a 120 jury cases to verdict receiving a favorable outcome in every one of her jury trials. She has also successfully tried over 100 non-jury cases all with successful outcomes. She is known as an aggressive, thorough, strategic litigator who leaves no stone unturned. The Associates in our practice are well versed in trial practice and are thorough, skilled litigators. Our firm is well known for financial acumen and understanding of taxation and high asset divorces. We have represented numerous clients with complex businesses and enormous wealth which necessitated tax sheltering to maximize assets. We take limited number of clients at a time so that our team and Alysia are involved in every matter. Our full team has weekly meetings to review strategies, progress, and all litigation.